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By joining Pragmatics25, you agree to the following:

1. You may have only 1 Pragmatics25 membership. The only exception to this is having 1 pro membership account and 1 free membership account which will be allowed only by prior Pragmatics25 approval. If a Pragmatics25 member has a pro account and a free account and allows the pro membership to lapse, Pragmatics25 Admin has the right to suspend or remove either of the 2 memberships without notice.

2. Your account may be deleted or suspended by Pragmatics25 Admin at any time, without prior notice and without reason.

Below are some examples of why your account may be deleted:

  • Hacking attempt or even suspicion of a hacking attempt. This will also get your IP banned from Pragmatics25.
  • Attempt to SPAM (send unsolicited email) using Pragmatics25 mail functions.
  • Email spam that contains the Pragmatics25 name or that links to any Pragmatics25 webpage.
  • Illegal, unethical, or questionable promotion of your Pragmatics25 URL. This includes promoting Pragmatics25 on any site that contains or is suggestive of adult content, drugs, firearms, warez, cheating traffic exchanges, or any other questionable material.
  • Use of the SuperSurf page by anyone but the registered Pragmatics25 member.
  • Opening more than 1 Pragmatics25 account, unless approved by Pragmatics25 admin prior to opening the second account.
  • 3 or more warnings on form entries.
  • Any other reason deemed appropriate by Pragmatics25 Admin.

3. Pragmatics25 has a security system that monitors all form entries for questionable content. Your account will receive a warning each time you try to enter any questionable characters. A good rule of thumb is to use only letters, numbers, dashes(-), periods(.), or lines (_). Spaces are generally not allowed, so do not use spaces except when emailing me. The @ symbol may be used only when submitting an email address. Warnings may be removed from any account at Pragmatics25 Admins discretion.

4. Pragmatics25 Admin has a right to remove or add traffic exchange programs, paid programs, and free programs without prior notice and without reason. Reasons for removal of a program may include but are not limited to no start page feature, email spamming or too many emails, suggested questionable business practices, or too much program downtime. Pragmatics25 Admin will generally send out an email specifying program additions or removals about 1 week before doing so, but members reception of this email cannot be guaranteed.

5. Pragmatics25 Admin does not make any guarantees or claims about any of the programs that are promoted on the Pragmatics25 website. Pragmatics25 Admin will make all efforts to ensure that only quality programs are endorsed.

6. Pro Membership:

You are guaranteed to receive the pro membership benefits as listed at

However, your satisfaction of the stated pro membership benefits is not guaranteed. Pro membership benefits may change, and all pro members will be sent an email stating pro membership changes about 1 week before the changes are implemented. Please note the following about Pragmatics25 pro memberships:

You will have the option of continuing your Pragmatics25 pro membership with the price that you originally paid when you first became a pro member, as long as you do not allow your pro membership to lapse. If the pro membership dues increase while you are a pro member and you do not allow your current pro membership status to lapse, you will be able to renew your pro membership dues each month at the original price that you paid for pro membership. Note that if your Pragmatics25 pro membership lapses for any reason, then you may be required to pay the current pro membership price to restart your pro membership benefits. Pragmatics25 Admin may make an exception to this on a case-by-case basis.

Pragmatics25 Admin will deny any text ads or banners that:

  • Link to or promote any site or banner that contains or is suggestive of adult content, drugs, firearms, warez, illegal schemes, scams, ponzis, or any other questionable material. This includes promoting any kind of cheating of traffic exchanges. Pragmatics25 admin will make the final decision about determining what is questionable or acceptable to promote on the Pragmatics25 website.
  • Contain viruses, trojans, or downloader boxes.
  • Contain more than 1 popup.
  • Pro membership benefits last for 1 month, whether that month has 28, 29, 30, or 31 days. Pragmatics25 Admin will send daily reminder emails to renew pro memberships when a pro membership is within 5 days of expiring. Pragmatics25 Admin cannot guarantee receipt of these reminder emails. Therefore, Pragmatics25 members are ultimately responsible for maintaining current pro membership status.
  • Refunds of your pro membership dues will not be given unless directly approved by Pragmatics25 Admin. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. Valid requests will NOT include dissatisfaction with the benefits. By purchasing a pro membership, you agree to pay that price to receive the pro membership benefits outlined on the pro page. If a valid refund request is made, then that member will receive a partial refund based on the number of days left after the refund request was initially made (not after the refund request was resolved) and on the amount of benefits already received.

7. Privacy Policy: Pragmatics25 Admin only shares your personal information (username, first name, email address, and join date) with your Pragmatics25 referrer and your Pragmatics25 downline. Pragmatics25 Admin will never sell your information to anyone for any reason. Pragmatics25 Admin has the right to send email at any time to the email address that you provide when joining Pragmatics25. This email may contain any information deemed appropriate by Pragmatics25 Admin to send to its members, which may include business opportunities from Pragmatics25 pro members. Pragmatics25 Admin reserves the right to email you as frequently as deemed necessary by Pragmatics25 admin. Emails from will not be considered as SPAM (unsolicited email) for any reason.

8. Pragmatics25 Admin does not endorse SPAM of any kind. If you receive a questionable email from Pragmatics25, you are encouraged to email Pragmatics25 admin to verify that the email was actually sent by Pragmatics25 Admin or by your Pragmatics25 upline. Pragmatics25 cannot be held responsible for all email arriving via the Pragmatics25 servers, but all efforts will be made to ensure the security of the Pragmatics25 email system.

9. Pragmatics25 is not liable for any loss related to your Pragmatics25 membership.

10. By joining Pragmatics25, you agree to all of the above statements. This agreement is subject to change, and you will need to agree with T.O.S. changes to remain a Pragmatics25 member. You will be notified via email outlining changes to these terms, but Pragmatics25 Admin cannot guarantee that you will receive this email.

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