Meet Your Admin

My name is Bill Nelson. I have been an admin and webmaster for traffic exchanges for nearly 20 years and counting. I am a father, a step-father, a husband, a brother, a son, a loyal friend, and a Christian. I believe in helping people, building trust, and leading others in the right direction. You will find that I am not into skirting around issues, and am quick to issue apologies when I make mistakes. I believe that pride and greed are very dangerous roads, and I make it a point to steer away from those. I have high expectations of those who work with and for me, and I am convinced that those expectations help to bring out the best in people.

As for traffic exchanging, I like to think of myself as an "idea man". My other internet marketing sites are unique in that they offer something different than other traffic exchanges. I firmly believe that a "cookie cutter" philosophy will produce average results. Average results and stagnation in the internet marketing world are the kiss of death, and that motivates me to continue to strive to be different and to move away from the pack.

You can contact me anytime. I generally will answer all contact requests within 24 hours.

You can also mail me at:
Bill Nelson
PO Box 932
Madison, AL 35756

My sites are: